Before Buying A Farm Shed In NZ

If you’re looking to buy a farm shed in New Zealand, it’s possible that you already have an idea of what you want from your new shed. Compared to building a farm shed yourself, outrightly buying a farm shed is a convenient alternative.

Whether you’re a farmer or you run an agro-based industry or construction in NZ, there’s every reason for you to invest in a shed. But then, how much will it cost you to buy a farm shed in New Zealand? How much will you have to pay to get a custom-built steel shed?

How Much Will It Cost Me To Build A Steel Shed In NZ?

Of course, there’s no one size fits all answer to this. The amount you’d be investing into getting your custom-built shed, either in Waikato, Bay Of Plenty, or Auckland, can be influenced by many factors, including,

  • Size of the shed

  • The farm shed design

  • The farm shed material (always go for a steel shed in NZ)

  • Intended Usage

Shed Prices By Sizes In NZ

Besides budgeting for the cost, when planning to get a new shed in NZ, you should always consider the size of shed you want. The larger the size of the farm shed, the higher the price. While large sheds can prove costly, they can be the most rewarding investment for your farm.

A large shed means more space for livestock, farm products, seeds, machinery and tools, and even office space. The available space you intend to have in the shed can also affect the size of your shed. Before you buy a shed, it is prudent that you consider the space you want to have in the shed and the intended usage.

There are many sizes of farm sheds out there. Before buying any shed, you need to determine what size suits you the most. To find out about the right shed size for your farm and how much it will cost you to get that, a quick chat with an expert at AnchoredSteel, NZ, is all it takes.

In some cases, a 160sqm size steel shed price will start from $20,000.

Do I need Permit To Build My NZ Farm Shed?

Like every other place, you will need a permit to install a farm shed in NZ. However, there are some exceptions to this law. If your farm shed is less than 30 square meters in floor area, you do not need any consent from the local authority. But then, this rarely happens, as most farm sheds come in a much bigger size.

When you work with a professional shed construction company like Anchored Steel, you can always be delighted in the fact that you’d get help in getting consent from the authorities. Anchored Steel will guide you and help you through all stages of the consent process.

While it is essential to consider what it will cost you to get a new farm shed in NZ, you should never compromise on quality. To get the perfect blend of quality and affordable steel sheds for your farm in NZ, Anchored Steel is the go-to company.

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