Dairy Farm Shed: How To Stop Your Steel Shed From Leaking

While places in the Northern hemisphere are about to bask in the summer sun, winter is here for us in New Zealand. That could be good or bad. If your farm shed is in tip-top shape, you have nothing to worry about. However, if your steel shed has leaks, you may be in for some serious problems.

Whether your shed is made of wood, steel, plastic, or the combination of either options, it will eventually fall under the persistent influence of the weather. If you buy your shed from reliable shed construction companies like Anchored Steel, it will take years before your shed will fall to the elements. Nevertheless, when leaks occur in your shed, how can you fix them? How can you prevent your shed from leaking?

How Can You Stop Your Steel Farm Shed From Leaking?

Steel sheds are always more prone to leaks than any other farm shed. The nailing and screwing that comes with installing a steel shed don't help. Regardless, your livestock and dairy products don't have to suffer this winter. Here are the best ways you can tackle a leaking shed.

Inspect Your Shed

In handling your shed leaks, your first job will be to locate all the areas of possible leaks. Of course, this is easier said than done, but like every building project, periodic shed inspection is a huge investment with great ROI. There are many places and spots to check out while inspecting your steel shed. The nails, screws, and beams can all be potential sources of leaks. If you find the source of the leak, all the problems are half solved.

Pick A Date To Fix The Problem

After you've identified the point of the breach, carefully pick a date to tackle the issue. Even though it is winter, carefully pick a day with more favourable weather. Intermittent rain or even snowfall can easily disrupt your shed waterproofing project. Days with high humidity can prove fatal, as moisture can easily pass through the coatings you applied.

Patching Up All Holes

Whether the leaks in your farm shed are from the sides or the underlayment, these dents and punctures can quickly be fixed with a patch kit. If the holes are outside, you can buy a patch kit from your local variety store. Besides the patch kit, a cement type is specifically made for patching up metals. However, if the holes or cracks are from the shed's underlayment, you can use tar-based patch materials to patch up these holes.

Replacing Screws And Nails

Sometimes, the seal at your shed's nails or screws that act to protect the puncture hole may get weakened by the elements. It could be that your shed's nails and screws are loose, thereby creating holes through which water can seep into your shed. While you cover up these holes, replacing the already weak screws and nails will ensure that a recurrence doesn't happen.

Painting Your Shed

Another great way to tackle shed leaks is to paint your shed. Paints, specifically made for painting steel sheds, have acrylic particles that easily bond with the steel shed to create a waterproof barrier. While painting your shed, always stick to the painting instructions.


Silicone caulking provides an easy fix for holes at the roofing of your farm shed and the edges of windows and doors. If you notice any hole in your shed's roof or window area, simply using a caulking gun to seal off those areas can help ensure that water won't get into your shed from those points. Also, you can use the silicone caulk to patch nails and screw holes. Applying this sealant (silicone caulk) along seam lines can help stop leaks.

Effects Of Leaks

You should never underestimate how that small hole or crack can greatly affect your dairy farm shed if not corrected. Leaks in your shed can lead to;

  • Rusting

  • Insect and pest infestation in the shed

  • Mould and mildew problems

  • Problematic insulation system

  • Decrease in the shed lifespan

  • Damage to your dairy products

How To Prevent Leaks

You don't have to wait till there are leaks in your steel dairy shed before taking positive actions. To prevent leaks from your shed, you have to;

  • Always go for the best quality building kits

  • Properly install the screws and nails

  • Insulate your shed

Although steel sheds are more prone to leak, one of the best ways to prevent this is to get your custom-built shed from a reliable construction company. Anchored Steel sheds are built to last and come with an extra bit of protection to keep your shed free from leaks.

Time to get a new farm shed in New Zealand; reach out to Anchored Steel today!

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