How To Build A Steel Farm Shed From Scratch: DIY

Steel sheds are the rage. Nearly every farmer in NZ is going for a steel farm shed. To get yours, you can choose to hire the services of a professional shed construction company to give you a top-tier custom-built farm shed. Or, you can save some money but not time by building your farm shed—all by yourself.

How? By getting a do-it-yourself steel building kit.

Steel sheds have proven to be the go-to farm shed for many farmers worldwide, thanks to their numerous benefits. If you want to save money by going through the DIY route and building your farm shed from scratch, buying the steel building kit is the deal. But then, do you have what it takes to build a steel shed from scratch? Even with the supposedly easy-to-follow kit directions, how can you assemble it like a pro?

Tools For Steel Shed Construction

Besides the basic tools from the building kit, you'll also need to have some simple workman tools such as;

  • Protective gloves

  • Measuring tape

  • Ladder

  • Power drill

  • Screwdriver

  • Nail gun

  • Pliers

  • Square

  • oil lubricant

Step By Step DIY Guide To Building A Steel Shed

  • The Planning Stage

Like every other big project, planning is essential when you want to build your shed. Steel shed building takes planning and time.

Steel shed building kits come in various designs and sizes. You should know the one that best meets your needs and go for it. Next, you'll have to deal with getting the necessary permits and approval from your local authority.

After you've ticked that off the list, the site of the shed is also important. You should ensure that the space can accommodate the shed you plan to erect. Also, the ground should be properly levelled and free from low-hanging tree branches.

Next, gather all the tools you need and kindly go through the manufacturer's installation manual. Then, choose a day to install your shed—a day with favourable weather. Finally, never forget about your safety.

  • Construct A Base Frame

The foundation is essential to the success of the whole project. You will need to decide what will be your base frame. Selecting a firm and sturdy base will give you a strong, more durable steel shed.

There are lots of different base frame alternatives you can choose - from concrete to floor frame kit and a shed base kit. While you can still place your shed directly on the ground, using a base frame will better protect the items on your shed and hold the wall panels better.

  • Raise Your Walls

As soon as you're done with the base, you'll move over to panelling—installing the walls.

First, you'll want to assemble all the wall panels and ensure they are with the correct numbering. This will help you place the right panels at the right spot easily. Panels are generally placed in twos, screwing them together and into the base frames.

Place your first two panels at either the shed's rear or front right corner to raise the walls. Make sure the joints are slightly overlapping, and screw on the top, middle, and bottom.

  • Set-Up The Roof

Next, build your roof frame. The roof beams form the foundation and support the whole roofing structure. After constructing your beams, the next will be to install your roof panels.

Working from the top right corner to the rear, add your roof panels and screw them to the roof beams and side framing. Moving from side to side, repeat the same procedure till your shed roof is complete.

  • Add Doors, Windows

Finally, you'll have to install your doors and windows, following the manufacturer's guide. Install your doors and windows and attach the door handles and braces.

  • Anchor Your Steel Shed

For the safety and stability of your shed, you might want to make use of the anchor kit. Follow the manufacturer's guide on the manual and anchor your shed.

Will My Steel Shed Rust?

One of the common concerns most farmers have about steel sheds is rusting. But that shouldn't be a problem. Galvanised steel and vinyl-coated steel, common in steel shed construction, means that your steel shed can't be influenced by the negative impact of moisture—rusting.

Steel sheds are very affordable, durable, and easy to maintain. They perform better than other available farm shed materials, making them the reliable choice for farmers in NZ. They are also easy to set-up too, thanks to its DIY building kit with clear manufacturers direction.

However, picking the right steel shed kits can make a whole lot of difference between a successful project and an utter disaster.

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