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How To Save Money Getting A Warehouse Shed For Your Business

With so many businesses needing to store additional products and machinery ahead of the looming bad economy, New Zealand's demand for warehouses & storage sheds has significantly increased. But then, is it that easy to get a warehouse shed for your business? While some people have opted for different storage options, getting a warehouse shed remains the best way to store products and machinery.

A warehouse is where raw materials, final products, and business equipment are kept until needed. Whether you run a manufacturing business, retail or farming, you can't overemphasise the need for a warehouse—that extra storage space. But again, getting a warehouse for your business requires careful planning and budgeting. So, how can you get a steel warehouse shed for your business without stretching your budget?

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Warehouse Shed?

The cost of a steel warehouse shed is one of the first things that comes to mind when planning on getting a storage shed for your business. Of course, the price of the shed will always influence your decisions. However, many factors will determine how much a steel warehouse will cost your business.

Factors That Affect The Price Of A Warehouse Shed

Material Cost

The type of material you choose for your warehouse shed impacts the price. Steel is undoubtedly the best shed material out there. A steel storage shed consists of about 70-80% steel. Therefore, when building a steel warehouse shed, the market price and amount of steel needed for your project will directly influence the overall cost.


While you can choose traditional storage shed designs, having a unique or custom design for your warehouse shed will boost its resale value. However, this will also affect its price. The design of a warehouse shed could mean more steel and an urgent need for a more experienced and equipped labour force. All these things will raise the price of your warehouse shed.


The next factor to consider is location. Your business location determines the design and construction style, local council requirements, cost of material, and labour cost. For instance, the price of building a steel warehouse shed in Auckland can hardly be the same as in other places in New Zealand.

Construction Time

Equally related to the design, the construction requirement of your warehouse shed will affect its construction time. Of course, as your shed takes more and more time to complete, the cost of labour will keep accumulating, and ultimately, you'll spend heavily on your business storage shed. Also, if the shed calls for a unique skill set, be prepared to spend more on labour.

To get a clearer view of how much you might spend on a new warehouse shed and to get the best possible bargain, it's advised to get a quote from different steel shed companies. After getting these quotes, compare them and schedule a brief interview with the different shed-building companies. Remember, always feel free to ask your potential contractor questions and be sure you are both on the same page.

Benefits Of Building A Steel Warehouse Shed

When shopping for a warehouse shed, you'll quickly discover that you can get a storage shed from different materials, including wood, moulded plastic, aluminium, steel, and others. However, a steel warehouse shed offers more benefits to your business.

  • Low labour costs

  • Faster to build

  • More durable

  • Easy to maintain

  • Easily customised

  • Eco-friendly

When we want something, we tend to want the best available quality—something that will stand the test of time—the best value for our money. The same applies to getting a warehouse shed for your business. So while you may be bombarded by many slick ads from shed companies promising to deliver durable warehouse sheds, Anchored Steel remains the number one tested and trusted shed construction company around Auckland, the Bay Of Plenty, and the Waikato area.

Need a steel warehouse & storage shed for your business? Reach out to Anchored Steel today, we offer reliable and sustainable steel sheds.

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