Steel Pole Barn Kits: What To Look Out For When Buying Barn Kits

Building a pole barn is the answer when you need extra space for your horse, tractors, or other farm storage needs, but you don't have a lot of money waiting to be spent. Building a steel pole barn is a much easier task today, thanks to the numerous ready-to-use materials and blueprints known as barn kits. You don't have to be an expert to take on the project. Either you do it yourself or get a couple of friends and workers. With your shirt off on a sunny day, you can set up a steel pole barn for your horse sheds, tractors or feed storage.

Whether you need a big or small space, there's always a pole barn kit for every farmer in NZ. Aside from these sheds being attractive, they are pretty durable and strong. The steel factor also makes it an eco-friendly alternative, whether in the Bay Of Plenty, Auckland, or Waikato region. But then, when buying steel pole barn kits in NZ, what are the things to look out for? Or do you purchase anything any supplier has to offer you?

Steel Columns

Columns are a critical part of any pole barn. They act as supports to the roofing system and transfer loads (rain, storm, hail) to the footings.

If you're building a steel pole barn, the frame should be steel. Using steel to support your shed offers many benefits over using conventional wood. Steel columns are strong and can handle stress and pressure. They are also resistant to the effects of horizontal loads, including bending and twisting. Generally, they last longer than the conventional columns made of wood that are prone to damage.


Fasteners are typically used to hold something in place. In steel pole barn construction, fasteners are one of the vital materials any farmer buying a pole barn kit pays attention to. Why? Because there are many kinds of fasteners out there, only a few can do a decent job when it comes to building a shed.

Fasteners are applied at many points during barn construction. When buying a shed kit in NZ, always pay attention to the fasteners. Going for stainless steel screws is always the best alternative compared to nails. Stainless steel screws offer superior holding power than nails. Works done with screws also deliver clean looks and a fine finish.

Fasteners will always have an undeniable impact on the structural integrity of your steel pole barn. It's best to always weigh your choices before settling for any. The most suitable option will provide a tight connection and clean looks.


A truss is simply a rigid framework designed to support the roof of a shed. They transfer all stresses from the roof to the columns. Therefore, it is vital to have a well-built and robust truss, as a failure of the trusses will result in massive damage to the building structure.

Before buying any steel pole barn kit, you must ensure that the trusses are high-grade quality and represent quality fabrication. Also, make sure that the trusses are conjoined at the needful points with heavy-duty steel plates.

Steel Panels

When buying a steel pole barn kit, the thickness and yield strength of the steel walls should be evaluated. While thickness is measured in inches, the yield strength deals with the amount of force needed to cause any permanent damage to the steel structure.

Always make sure to go for high-yield strength steel that can provide more excellent resistance to the impact of the elements and accommodate heavier structural loads. The colour of the steel you pick is also critical, as selecting the right colour combination will boost the aesthetic appeal of your barn.

Windows & Doors

Of course, the list won't be complete without doors and windows. Every pole barn kits come with doors and windows. While buying a window with lots of artistic appeals is okay, it should never replace going for energy-efficient options in the list.

Steel pole barns are energy-efficient, cost-effective, and easy to set up. They also provide a better alternative to traditional barns.

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