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Anchored Steel faq

  • How does Anchored Steel make the process of buying a shed easy and stress-free?
    With our considerable construction industry experience, we have the knowledge, skills, and capabilities to provide tailored solutions to your needs. This starts from the first inquiry and gaining an in-depth understanding of the style and purpose of your building. Where is it located? Is there any specific preference? Or possible future uses? Afterwards, we take hold of the process of architectural and engineering design. We will playback to you our interpretation of your building's design via a 3D rendered model to ensure we are all on the same page as to what is required. From there, we will manage for you, with your input, the detailed design, building consent, build and compliance process, including: Earthworks Drainage Concreting Manufacturing of structural elements Delivery to site Construction and handover (including code of compliance). We provide transparency of the progress through regular project updates - especially before construction starts. We strive to make the entire process as painless and as stress-free as possible for you. We will take your problems away to get what you want and need with the least stress.
  • When the unexpected occurs, how does Anchored Steel approach it?
    Projects can sometimes throw an unexpected curveball. We can handle this quickly and with the most effective and straightforward approach when this happens. We can resolve it quickly, whether it involves architects, engineering, council, or additional manufacturing and site works. If things need to change during the project lifecycle, we ensure you we will be upfront and transparent about what it means for you. We will bring you proposed solutions, not problems, and we will ensure you that any changes to the scope are agreed upon upfront and any possible cost associated with it. We will make sure that there are no hidden extras to bite you at the end.
  • Where are you located and where do you serve?
    Anchored Steel is based in Cambridge, in the centre of the main Waikato dairy belt. From our ideal and easily accessible location in the lovely town of Cambridge, we can serve clients from across Auckland, The Bay of Plenty, and the greater Waikato region. About an hour or so, driving from our base in Cambridge takes us to Tauranga, Rotorua, Raglan, te Kuiti and the Bombays. This allows us to service our client base very effectively and efficiently.
  • How does Anchored Steel provide value for money?
    Anchored Steel manufactures durable steel sheds and structures built to last a lifetime. The cost of structural steel solutions is similar to concrete and lower than timber. However, Steel is lighter weight, meaning foundations can be less substantial and less expensive. Thanks to Steel’s superior strength-to-weight ratio, long span beams allow more space, providing flexibility in the floor plan. Solutions are easily modified if changes occur. Steel’s “build ability” allows a smooth transition from architectural concept to engineering design. Structural Steel often requires less maintenance than alternative building solutions, meaning it won’t burn a hole in your pocket over its lifetime. We supply and install quality components manufactured or selected for their robust durability. This provides you with a lower cost of ownership over the lifespan of the shed. This has a significant and tangible impact on the bottom line of your business.
  • How long is Anchored Steel’s process?
    Every project has different end goals. Therefore the concept, design, and construction timeline will vary from project to project. However, each shed built will follow a standard way of working. So once we have gathered your specific shed requirements, we will confidently communicate a realistic programme for your build. The main process steps are: Design Consent Procurement Manufacturing Construction Compliance With our effective project management and site coordination, we will give you the fastest turnaround from your green field to your shed.
  • What types of shed does Anchored Steel build?
    Anchored Steel has a diverse portfolio of sheds and structures. These include: Small structures of around 15m wide portals to large structures of 130m + portals. The overall length is expanded depending on the number of portals required. Your structures can be: Open, Partial or fully enclosed Doors - Roller and pedestrian access Floor – Concrete or soft This makes Anchored Steel sheds a perfect fit for: Wintering cover & feeding out Dairy Horticulture packing Transition facility Composting Structures Industrial building structures Commercial buildings and Tenancies Workshops Equestrian stables and covered areas And a lot more!
  • Why is Anchored Steel using hot rolled steel?
    Anchored Steel uses hot rolled steel for its main structural components. The hot-rolled process leaves less stress in the steel, giving more tensile strength and, therefore, provides greater strength and span than its cold-rolled cousin and more economy to the build. On the other hand, cold-rolled steel is rolled from coils of pre-galvanized steel. The rolling process slowly shapes the profile through a series of forming rollers. Each step creates small stresses in the steel as it is bent into shape, limiting the maximum strength and span that a cold-rolled steel section can achieve. Ultimately the intended use of your shed will determine if a hot rolled or cold rolled structure will best suit your needs. For example: A small workshop may be suited to a cold-rolled construction. However, a larger structure and substance would be made on hot rolled steel to provide maximum strength and durability.
  • Why should I choose Anchored Steel?
    Anchored Steel's purpose is to build sustainable, reliable, and long-lasting steel structures that you can count on. Quality is at the forefront of Anchored Steel's designs, engineering, manufacturing and construction. We are passionate about providing structural steel solutions that fit your purposes and goals at an affordable price. Our practices are based on international best practices. We have a technology-led, highly automated design and manufacturing process. This results in precision products that can be installed safely and quickly. Structural Steel manufactured in New Zealand is under tightly controlled factory conditions and is rigorously tested before it leaves the factory. So you can rest easy that your Anchored Steel shed will do the job it was designed to do. We are the experts at steel sheds - so you don't have to be.
  • Does Anchored Steel help with my building consent?
    Yes! Anchored Steel will assist or manage the building consent and compliance process once the detailed design has been completed depending on your requirements. Once consent is given, we will also help or manage the various inspections. We aim to make your construction process as hassle-free as possible.
  • Do I have any options to customise my shed?
    Absolutely! Customising your steel shed or structure will almost certainly occur! The process for each shed or building may be similar, but ALL sheds and structures are different in so many aspects. A “one size fits all” approach does not fit ALL at all! We are very good at customising shed style, design, layout, functionality, and even future-proofing. In this regard, the best step forward is to talk to us as early as possible. We aim to drill down to understand your design needs fully, so you can get the shed that is best suited to your end goal.
  • Are Anchored Steel sheds bird proof?
    Of course! Bird proofing is desirable so that the risk of contamination or damage is removed. Bird proofing is a case of designing the structures to remove perching positions so that the birds cannot land inside the steel shed. Vermin proofing is most easily achieved with flashings around the building. Both of these requirements can be fleshed out during your shed design process.
  • How sustainable are Anchored Steel sheds?
    Sustainability has been a hot topic over the past few years. Steel is one of the world’s most recycled materials. In the UK, 99% of structural steel produced will be recycled and reused in its lifetime. It can be dismantled and removed from one building and altered and installed without compromising its properties. Steel is also manufactured and fabricated to exact specifications. Therefore minimal waste is produced. A ministry of Agriculture and Forestry-commissioned report demonstrated that steel’s environmental performance compares favourably to other materials such as concrete and timber on a whole-of-life basis. It often needs less maintenance when compared to other construction products and is considered a low-risk building solution.

Building sustainable, reliable, and long-lasting steel structures that people can count on.

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