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About Us

Anchored Steel was born from a simple desire to provide sustainable and reliable steel sheds to local communities and people. Our purpose is to build sustainable, reliable, and long-lasting steel structures that you can count on.

We are one of the biggest steel shed construction companies in Cambridge, New Zealand, with the vision of becoming the number one in the Waikato. We specialise in designing, building, and installing any large steel structures. Whether it's custom sheds, industrial sheds, agricultural sheds or any steel building, we can get it done for you! Our team takes extra time to ensure each job is done right, from start to finish. We will be with you every step of the way so you can sleep in peace every night. We are there with you from design through to construction, installation and final inspection.


Our team takes pride in enabling our customers' journey hassle-free by building their new structure from start until finish!

Anchored Steel Shed


When it came to building that perfect steel shed, we were shocked at how hard it was for people to have their dream shed built in NZ.  We firmly believe that it shouldn't be so complicated to build a large steel shed, and it definitely can be more sustainable. So we set out on a mission: To build sustainable, reliable, and long-lasting steel structures that people could count on.


With that simple desire, Anchored Steel was born. With our depth of knowledge in scale structures and hot-rolled steel we have provided the gateway to innovation for steel shed users around New Zealand. With Anchored Steel, there is now a place in New Zealand where people go to bring their dream steel structures into reality. Now getting a large steel structure that can withstand the test of time with incredible durability and timeless design has become a lot easier for people in NZ.


Hot rolled steel is the ideal material for building larger and more durable structures. Hot rolled steel has a higher tensile strength than cold-rolled steel, which means that it can be made into buildings with greater spans or size without compromising its integrity.


While not everything needs to be built from hot-rolled materials, this type of rigid sheet metal will give you the strong foundation needed in many cases! But most importantly hot rolled steel is acknowledged as one of the worlds most recycled materials over and over again without product degradation. 

Building sustainable, reliable, and long-lasting steel structures that people can count on.

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