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5 reasons why Steel Sheds are better than wooden Sheds

In recent years, the popularity of steel buildings and other steel constructions has grown dramatically worldwide. Of course, this is no surprise, considering that steel buildings are much cheaper and generally easier and quicker to construct. Above all, considering how long steel buildings last is enough reason to join the bandwagon quickly. But is that all there is to steel buildings over other alternatives? Certainly not!

Maybe you need something simple like a steel shed or something for your livestock and feed. Understanding the benefits of steel sheds over wooden sheds and how the downsides of steel sheds are nothing compared to its alternative will help you appreciate more why you should choose a steel shed for your farm shed. However, your final choice lies ultimately on your needs.

Wooden Sheds

Wooden sheds are not only versatile, but they can easily blend into your property and offer additional space. However, one of the remarkable downsides of wooden sheds is strength. Unlike steel sheds, wooden sheds are relatively not so durable and require more periodic maintenance. Wood is not a strong material, and it's prone to water and insect damage. With time, the pressure from the weather and insects will force your wood to rot, leading to the need for a new shed roof. And though you can protect your wooden shed using the proper sealant or coatings, eventually, these coatings or sealants will need to be replaced as they get subdued by the impact of the weather and even insects. Undoubtedly, this will incur more material and labour costs.

Why Steel Sheds Over Other Alternatives?

If you can scrap the age-long tradition of using wooden sheds and try to be neutral, you'll quickly get to understand why so many people are opting for steel building over other alternatives. Steel sheds offer the most rewarding protection at a competitive price despite the size you want. The steel building will settle proudly on your property, offering excellent strength, flexibility and boost your property value. If you wish to build your steel shed, you need not worry about how you're going to build it, as steel sheds can now be purchased with prefabricated kits that make it more straightforward to construct a steel shed.

5 reasons why Steel Sheds are better than wooden Sheds

1. Cost-Efficient

Although steel materials generally are a bit costlier than wood, steel requires less labour and maintenance, therefore making it more cost-effective in the long run. Steel sheds are often easier and less expensive to repair.

2. Environmental Friendly

Steel is a superior circular economy performance in terms of repair, reuse, repurpose, and recycle. This means steel can be reused, repurposed, and recycled many times, drastically reducing its carbon footprint, unlike wooden sheds, making them a more eco-friendly alternative. In addition, steel allows a broader range of designs (e.g. spans), allowing greater design innovation and sustainable designs. In addition, because you know precisely what you are getting, you do not have to over-engineer structures, so you use less material.

3. Durability

One of the first criteria that come to mind when selecting a shed material is durability. Undoubtedly, steel sheds last longer than wooden sheds. Steel can withstand the toughest conditions. It's highly resistant to most elements, making it ideal for areas where winds are high, storms happen often, or conditions are difficult. Both steel and wood are strong materials, yet steel is less vulnerable to damage due to weather or bugs. Weather and moisture can cause wood to mold, rot and crack. Furthermore, steel does not expand or shrink over time or with exposure to moisture.

4. Versatility

Custom built-sheds are the trend right now. And steel sheds offer more customization options. It is highly flexible and available in different colours, sizes, strengths, and custom designs. You can now paint your steel shed with whatever colour you want. In addition, paint coatings are far more resilient on steel than they are on wood. A timber shed will need to be treated and repainted yearly. In contrast, the steel variety only needs attention every five years or so.

5. Resistant To Fire And Critters

Wood faces a serious fire risk. Because of this, some countries classify wooden structures as combustible construction, which fall under strict regulations and limitations. Steel sheds, on the other hand, are non-combustible. Hence it would significantly reduce the risk of fire. Another advantage with steel buildings is that it is not vulnerable to termites or other critters, unlike wooden buildings. Treatment and repair on any property because of termites can easily become expensive. Choosing a steel building will prevent these little pests from eating into your shed and your wallet.

Birds can cause many problems, such as the spread of diseases, insects, and parasites. One of the greatest benefits and reasons why steel sheds are desirable is they help prevent birds from nesting in the shed. Box section steel makes it impossible for birds to nest in the shed, which helps drastically reduce the number of birds appearing near the shed.

Both wooden and steel buildings offer so many benefits, and there are definitely situations where wooden sheds are more suitable than steel sheds. but more and more people are still going for steel sheds for their farms, thanks to their outstanding benefits over wooden sheds.

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