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6 Ways To Make Your Steel Shed More Secure

Do you really think that the security of your shed matters? Besides, your steel shed is mostly impenetrable, so is there any more need for you to invest in shed security?

The answer is a yes. While steel sheds are renowned for being the most impenetrable –by thieves and even pests, it doesn't deter an ambitious burglar from breaking in.

Shed thefts are more common than you realize, be it a farm shed or sheds used for industrial storage purposes. Most farmers and industrial managers in New Zealand underestimate the importance of shed security. The lowly and humble steel shed that is overlooked today can be a great target for thefts.

6 ways To Keep Your Steel Sheds Safe And Secure

  • Invest In Locks

The first place you need to invest in keeping your shed safe and secure is the locks. Using cheap or ineffective locks never helps anyone. Cheap locks make the shed an easy target to any local thief. Always go for high-quality locks. It might be expensive, but it is worth it.

  • Sensors/Alarm System

Sensors or alarm systems are one of the most effective security you can have in your steel shed. Aside from being able to help you detect the presence of intruders, they act as a strong deterrent to any ambitious thief. These electronic devices or intrusion detection devices can be cameras, lights, or locks, with sensors for detecting the presence of intruders. Once an intruder is detected, these devices will trigger the alarm system. They come in the form of,

  • Movement sensors (PIR)

  • Window and door contact sensors

  • Break glass sensors

  • Burglar alarms

  • Security Cameras

Installing security cameras in different target areas where thieves are likely to strike your steel shed can act as a deterrent. Security cameras at doors and windows can easily pick up the identity of any intruder.

  • Lightning

Most times, sheds are situated at a distance corner, away from the public view. And far from where lights from the house or industry will reach. Stretches of darkness at night are the perfect scene for thieves to operate. You don't have to give them what they need. Make your steel shed a tough ground for burglars, get proper lightning around your shed. An adequately illuminated shed makes it easier to spot burglars. Not just that, it will only take an extra brave and bold burglar to attempt a break-in.

  • Internal Security

It's not just the outside that needs security measures. On the inside, you can take active steps to ensure the safety of your tools and machines either by locking the more expensive items away quietly or by using a floor locking system to make most equipment immovable. You can also use decorative stone for paths very close to the shed to make silent approach or getaway impossible.

  • Shed Inspection

Lastly, never forget to inspect your shed frame and the entire steel shed for possible weak points or potential damage. Invest in fixing any damage as soon as it occurs, as these slight damages can be a huge access point to thieves.

On average, most farmers and industrialists store essential tools and pieces of machinery in their sheds – all with little or no security. This makes the shed an object of great interest to burglars, who rubs his hands together at the thought of some easy money.

You don't have to wait till thieves hit you before you invest in shed security. Be proactive today. Secure your steel shed in NZ, reach out to Anchored Steel,, and find out more about your steel shed.

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