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Building Consent in New Zealand : All You Need To Know

Owning a farm in NZ comes with its fair share of responsibilities. While it's the joy of every farmer to witness robust growth and improved productivity, making plans to consolidate the growth and push your farm to the next level is always crucial. That's why you should get a new farm shed, if you never had one, or go for a bigger and custom-built shed.

Having a shed can make storing farm equipment, animal feed, and even grains much easier for you. A shed can be a great housing for your livestock. But then, as most constructions require a building consent in NZ, do you really need a building consent for a farm shed?

Do I Need A Permit For My Farm Shed In NZ?

Well, the simplest answer is yes, you need building consent for your shed. Farm sheds play a huge role to many farmers in NZ. You might think that structures as simple as steel sheds don't necessarily have to need council consent, but that's not always the case.

Before you start building your new farm shed, you need to obtain a building consent. While there are some exemptions to this, it all depends on the local laws. Generally, many local councils in NZ have their building guidelines and regulations. What works in Auckland may not exactly play out in Waikato or Bay Of Plenty. To avoid getting caught off-guard, you need to find out what works in your area. Do your homework before you start setting up your farm shed.

Most times, getting building consent and planning approval from your local council can be a daunting task. If you're not prepared to go through the usually arduous process of getting building consent, at Anchored Steel, we can take the burden away from you and get your farm shed planning approved and set up in no time.

What Needs Council Consent?

One of the most complex and challenging parts of erecting any structure or renovating is getting the council's consent, but a few years ago, the New Zealand government made a big move to lift the burden.

You may need your local council consent to get a new farm shed if;

  • You want to build a shed that is more than 30 square meters in floor area

  • Your shed is in an area considered to be a high wind zone or more than 110 square meters.

  • You want to store agrochemicals and other considerably hazardous substances.

Farm Shed Planning Permissions In NZ

Whether you need planning permission for your farm shed for whatever reason, you need to get in touch with your local council and know what works in your area. While different councils can have different laws, what you get in Auckland may not be the same as in Bay Of Plenty or Waikato. Most of these areas offer an online tool to leverage and check about getting planning permission.

Is There An Exemption For Farm Sheds Consent?

The NZ Building Act makes room for some exemptions to getting council consent for a farm shed. In general, a permit is not needed to build detached single-story pole sheds and hay barns.

In specifics, a permit is not needed for single-storey pole sheds and hay barns with 110 square meters in net floor area, which have been reviewed by a chartered professional engineer or supervised by a licensed building practitioner.

Before you start building a farm shed in NZ, make sure you tick off all the exemption requirements. Contact your local authority planning department and find out if there's any need for permission or not.

How Do I Apply For A Farm Shed Consent?

The process of filing and getting council consent for your farm shed varies from local council to local council. However, you'll mostly need;

  • A detailed site plan with details of existing structures

  • Construction details of the new shed, including materials (steel is the most recommended material)

  • A copy of the engineered design details

How Long Does It Take To Get A Farm Shed Consent?

There's no specific answer to how long it will take you to get consent after applying for one. However, the level of workload on your local council can determine how long it will take you to get yours.

Although you may not always need your local council consent, getting consent gives more assurance and confidence. It makes it easy for your new project to be added to your property's Land Information Memorandum (LIM).

At Anchored Steel, we not only deliver quality and custom-built sheds that will stand the test of time but also help our customers throughout all the stages of getting a new farm shed, from the designs and approvals to the final construction.

We have worked with every council in the Auckland, Bay Of Plenty, and Waikato region, and we know what each council needs and how to dodge the hassle of getting council consent. To save your time and make the whole process of getting a farm shed much easier for you, reach out to us at Anchored Steel, today.

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