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Steel Shed Trends To Watch In 2022

With the era of social media so much upon us and the unending pandemics, many farmers and industrialists in New Zealand will be seeing many new trends next year across many fields of human endeavor, including in steel sheds.

No doubt, the Covid pandemic, and its variants affected many farmers and industrialists alike, but this will drive the 2022 trend in steel sheds. The virus drove many people back to their nests, forcing them to think more about flexibility. And so, for 2022, trends in steel buildings will revolve around flexibility. A flexible building can help you create a multi-purpose steel shed that will not just serve as storage space but what you can utilize for other functions, including a make-shift office.

Other trends we will see as we head into 2022 include bigger hays and Polycarbonate for shed walls and windows.

Here are some of the top steel shed trends we will see more of come 2022.

  • Multi-Purpose Steel Sheds

One of the lessons we learned from the Covid pandemic is the importance of flexibility. A multi-purpose steel shed, which basically means a shed that you can use many times for different purposes, can prove to be a huge investment for you.

As nothing is guaranteed, having a multi-purpose shed, which will be fit for any use due to its flexible nature, should be a priority for many wise farmers and industrialists. A flexible steel shed will not only serve your present needs but be there for you in the future, even if it means serving other purposes. A multi-purpose farm shed, for instance, would not offer abundant storage for farm products during the harvest season but will also be used all season round, including for storing farm machinery and equipment, farm products, and farm office.

  • Move To Bigger Shed Bays

Another trend we will be seeing next year is the move from smaller to bigger shed bays. Formally, most farm sheds use 6m bays, but this is bound to change starting this year. Over the past year, farmers' needs have changed. The 6m bays that were sufficient for farmers are hardly enough for today's farmers in NZ. Farm sheds must be built to offer more storage space.

As farmers all over New Zealand are looking for means to scale up production, the storage facility must also rise to meet the growing product size. There's a need for bigger storage, not only for farm products but the growing number of farm tech equipment.

While the 6m bays were the thing, farmers are currently going for 10m bays. These larger 10m bays allow farmers to store more hay, lowering the risk of spoilage. It also allows more farm equipment, including tractors, to be stored in the shed, reducing the risk of rust and theft.

  • Polycarbonate Sheets For Shed Walls

Polycarbonate sheets have always been used for shed roofing, but these sheets would be utilized in shed walls and windows in the coming years. Polycarbonate or Polycarb sheets are very efficient in letting natural light into the sheds. Instead of being used solely for roofing, Polycarb can be used together with the steel to form shed walls. However, Polycarp has some downsides, like condensation or being susceptible to hail or storm damage. Notwithstanding these weaknesses, Polycarb will be a valued farm shed material come 2022.

Bottom Line

Building a steel shed is no joke. It is a big investment. One that requires money and time, so you have to get it right from the onset. Getting your steel shed right starts with the right shed design plan. The trends above also prove to be a more efficient and cost-saving way of getting a new steel shed in NZ.

2022 is here. Whether you're in Auckland, Bay Of Plenty, or Waikato, getting an efficient and flexible steel shed should be what you should be out for. Above all, you shouldn't compromise anything for a sustainable and best value farm shed.

If you need more ideas or inspiration about your next shed building, you can reach out to us at

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