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The Anchored Steel Process: Purchasing A New Shed

Have you considered your options and decided that a steel shed is the best for you? What about where to purchase your steel shed? No doubt, after determining to go with the long-lasting steel sheds in New Zealand, the next question is where to get the best value sheds.

There are probably many shed construction companies spread across New Zealand, especially around the Bay Of Plenty, Waikato, and Auckland. They all promise to offer a shed structure that will stand the test of time. But if you want to get durable, sustainable, and long-lasting steel structures that you can count on, Anchored Steel is the deal!

Things To Consider When Buying A Farm Shed

  • Building Consent

Before you fly with the thoughts of getting a new shed in NZ, you might be required to obtain a building consent or approval from the council. In NZ, large sheds that are 30m2 or larger usually require a building consent. Building consent applications require a lot of supporting information about the products, methods and materials you will use to construct the shed. To prepare a good building consent application, it is best to engage with a professional to help you with the technical requirements. The good news is, we, Anchored Steel, will obtain your building consent on your behalf, so you don't have to worry about a thing.

  • Design: Custom Or General?

When getting a new shed, you must decide whether to go for the general designs or a custom-built shed. While general design adopts standard styles and measurements, custom-built sheds are built according to your taste and description—all to meet your needs.

  • Size Of The Shed

What do you want your shed to do for you? How many tools, equipment, or livestock do you want to keep in your shed? Being able to answer that correctly will help you know the right size of shed to buy.

Other factors worth considering includes;

  1. Roof

  2. Ventilation

  3. Corrosion protection

  4. Rolling or sliding door

  5. Hot-rolled Steel

  6. Pest

Doing It The Anchored Steel Way

  • Consultation

First things first, to help you arrive at the best shed for you, one of our experienced reps will communicate with you to help us understand what's best for you.

  • Survey & Inspection

An on-site evaluation will come after the consultation. Inspecting and surveying the potential site of the shed will help us identify and address any potential threat.

  • Design & Engineering

Next, our team of qualified and experienced architects and engineers then work together to present CAD drawings on the desired design. When you are happy with the design, it will be reviewed once more and sent for building consent if needed. As a registered builder, Our architects and engineers will handle your building consent or council approval process. If re-drawings are required, a 3D model will be created again.

  • Fabrication

Once you've approved a design and gotten the necessary consent from local authorities, our well-skilled workers will set off to build your steel shed.

  • Delivery

Our fabrication is time-saving. Once we're done building your shed, the next is to load it up with all the necessary materials and deliver it right to your site.

  • Construction

Once we get your shed delivered to you, our construction team will take the job on from there.

Anchored Ever After

On completion of all site works, You will become the proud owner of a Shed ready for use and be confident as Anchored Steel built this shed. It's that simple.

With economic times being what they are, it is important not to waste money on a shed that won't give you the best value. That's why when you get us, Anchored Steel, to build your steel structure, we will make sure that we build a sustainable, reliable, and long-lasting shed that you can count on.

If you're looking to purchase a new steel shed in New Zealand, Anchored Steel should be on the top list of companies to check out. For more information on how to get your durable steel shed in NZ, reach out to us

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