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Top 5 Considerations When Buying a Steel Shed

Building a shed is an exciting time. You are witnessing the building of your own go from an idea in your head to something that you can touch and feel. The road to getting your dream shed can be scary sometimes, especially when it’s your first shed. Experts at Anchored Steel who have in-depth knowledge on providing reliable, durable and sustainable steel sheds have decided to help you as you begin your shed buying journey. Here are five things to keep in mind before you make that big decision.

  • Do you need a building consent?

This is often the area that causes the most concerns. "Am I required to get building consent or approval by the council?" In NZ, large sheds that are 30m2 or larger usually require a building consent. Building consent applications require a lot of supporting information about the products, methods and materials you will use to construct the shed. To prepare a good building consent application, it is best to engage with a professional to help you with the technical requirements.

  • Where do you want to build your shed?

Knowing the exact location of your steel structure is extremely important to get an accurate quote when buying a shed. A building's wind region, terrain category, and topography are all factors the engineers use when designing your shed. This helps ensure that your new shed meets New Zealand's rigorous standards for quality construction so they can ensure it fits well in its environment while also meeting regulations set by these tough guidelines!

  • Do you need to birdproof your shed?

Birds can be a significant pest for any shed. Birds can cause many problems such as corrosion, the spread of diseases, insects, and parasites. Hot-rolled box section steels are a common solution as they prevent nesting.

  • What type of steel do you want for your shed?

It's essential to know the difference between New Zealand-made steel and imported steel, as they both have different properties. This will help you find the best building for your needs! Structural Steel manufactured in New Zealand is under tightly controlled factory conditions and is rigorously tested before leaving the factory. On the other hand, imported steel can be a gamble, with an increased risk of early corrosion, colour fading and warping. Also, be mindful of some suppliers who use imported steel to make and assemble their sheds in New Zealand, and then market these buildings as "NZ made" - ask where their steel comes from.

  • Pre-engineered or Custom

Essentially, a pre-engineered building is a design based on general information and building standards with no knowledge of the specific project or purpose of the shed. The alternative, which is highly recommended, is to have your new shed design approved explicitly by a certified engineer who knows the exact location of the structure and the purpose of the shed.

This list may not cover everything you need to consider when thinking about getting a shed of your own, but we hope it gets you started. As you research and evaluate your options, keep in mind that our friendly shed experts here at Anchored Steel are only a phone call away (+64 27 777 4223) and are happy to answer any questions you may have. Alternatively, you can contact us through our website

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