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Ways To Customize Your Steel Shed

Your NZ steel shed doesn’t have to look like every other steel shed around. It doesn’t have to wear that dull and basic look of most steel sheds. Whether your steel shed is for agricultural purposes, industrial purposes, storage, or commercial facilities, you can still make your steel building stand out from the rest.

It doesn’t matter if your steel shed is still new or you’re going for a new shed. By adding your personal statements to the designs and styling, you can create something that is exceptionally durable and has all it takes to answer all your needs and make your business more efficient. Here are four ways to customize your NZ steel shed and make it stand out from other sheds in the region.

  • Get Creative With Colors

One of the easiest ways to make your steel shed stand out from the rest is by adding a little coloring or painting. Your steel shed doesn’t have to come bearing the basic monochromatic of most steel sheds. You can get creative by deciding to paint your steel structure with any color you wish.

Picking a color doesn’t have to come with much mental work. You can decide to paint your steel building with your favorite color or any color that best describes your personality, visions for your farm/industry, or complement your garden or home.

Painting your shed is not as hard as you might think. While you can decide to hire a professional painter to get the job done, it’s absolutely fine if you choose to do this yourself. However, if you must take on the painting of your steel building by yourself, you should make sure that you’re adequately prepared, have the right gears, and know the dos and don’ts.

  • Work On The Exterior

Besides painting your steel building, there are many ways you can make it have an undeniable appeal. Whether your NZ steel structure is for agricultural, industrial, commercial, or storage purposes—there are many ways you can shake up your structure’s exterior look to boost its curb appeal.

While some may feel comfortable with having colors, sometimes paintings may not be enough to give your steel shed that unique appeal you so desire. If you don’t mind throwing in some extra dollars, adding any of the following exterior finishes will definitely make your steel shed a beauty to behold.

  • Glass

  • Brick

  • Fiber cement board

  • Concrete block

  • Wood

  • Stucco

  • Faux rock and stone panels

You can either use any of these materials alone or in combination. Whichever is the case, rest assured of getting an exceptional exterior makeover.

  • Customize Doors, Windows, And Shutters

Windows and shutters are one of the most overlooked parts of your steel shed; besides, not all steel sheds need a window, as so many people believe. But do you know that you can achieve impressive customization with your windows and shutters?

Yes, you can give your steel shed that huge appeal boost it so much yearns for by simply going with the right windows and shutters combination.

For doors, your shed door is more than an access point. Using custom doors, windows, and shutters will allow more natural light and air into your shed, make your shed easily accessible, and get every head that passes your steel shed turning and jaw-dropping.

There are different styles, colors, and sizes of doors and windows to choose from, but you can still go for completely customized doors and windows.

  • Customize Roofline

Another way to boost the curb appeal of your steel building is to make a move away from the traditional steel shed roof style. Most NZ steel sheds come with a simple and low-pitched gable roof design.

While the conventional steel shed design is not bad, there are many roof designs and styling that you can apply to make the entire structure more glamorous. Something as simple as a slight modification to the pitch size and eaves can bring a major change to your shed’s curb appeal. You can also entirely go for a different roof design like Hip roof or a customized fascia.

All steel sheds, by nature, are quite durable, but it’s the customization that makes the huge difference. If you want something different from the conventional steel sheds you see around the streets and roads of Bay Of Plenty, Waikato, and Auckland region, customizing your steel shed is the right way to go.

Are you still confused about how best to customize your NZ steel shed? Reach out to us, Anchored Steel

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