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Why Steel Buildings Are a More Sustainable Choice

Updated: May 18, 2022

Sustainability is the name of the game. These days, everybody is talking about saving the environment, but how many have taken active steps towards doing that?

Well, thanks to the advent of steel buildings, you now have a way to reduce your carbon footprint significantly. Care to make the world a better place? A steel building is your best bet. They are less expensive, faster to build than most alternatives, and more eco-friendly.

There's no denying that many people are starting to pay attention to sustainability when building or buying a shed in New Zealand. With the over glaring challenges of global warming, rising sea level, drought, overfilled landfills, and many other environmental problems facing our world, business owners and farmers seeking to make a difference are all going green. Steel building promises to keep construction costs low while yielding other tangible benefits, including helping you go green. But why are they the best choice if you're seeking sustainable building material?

5 Ways Steel Buildings Are Sustainable

  • Durable

One of the reasons you should consider steel buildings as your best eco-friendly option is that they are unbelievably durable. These exceptional building materials can last for ages, standing the test of time, because they are crafted from a stock that makes them twice as durable as most conventional building materials. And unlike other traditional alternatives, they don't necessarily require coating or paint.

Steel is strong and durable. You can count on your steel building to not give in to the elements, insects, or termites like the typical traditional building materials. That means, with a steel building, you won't have to worry about spending big more on maintenance and repairs. Steel is also non-combustible, so you can count on your building to be fire-resistant, even when subjected to extreme heat.

Steel buildings are designed to withstand everything that the elements throw at them, from the unfriendly impact of the wind to heavy snow, rain, and so much more. With all these outstanding properties, rest assured that your steel building will be there for you for a very long time.

  • Energy Efficient

If you want to lower your energy bills, it's no news that steel building is one of the best ways you can naturally achieve that. Steel buildings are sustainable and robust and can support insulation layers (even thicker insulation layers) without damaging the building's structural integrity in any way.

The thickness of the insulation layer determines how your building will allow heat and cold air in and out of the building interior, no matter the season. Since the temperature of your building interior is hardly influenced by the temperature fluctuations outside, you will spend less on your energy bills. A well-insulated steel building can save you big in your energy bills!

  • 98% Recyclable

Steel is the most recyclable building material you can use for your home, industry, or farm today. Scrap steel is sent right back into production instead of going straight to the landfill after it has outlived its useful life. It is on record that more than 650 million metric tons of steel are recycled each year worldwide. This staggering figure places steel as the most recyclable building material.

Steels are durable and malleable as well. It can easily be moulded into any shape or design without losing its strength or appeal. Builders can use a steel material turned into different shapes and designs without losing strength. Also, steel hardly wears down or buckles, and aside from being recyclable, its by-product can be utilized in fertilizer, plastics, and paint production.

  • Lower Waste Production

Building with steel means less waste production at the construction site, whether it's a farm shed or industrial warehouse you want to build. Prefabricated steel materials come in the right sizes and measurements. This means your work will be faster and easier - leaving no room for material waste.

If you're tired of seeing your site overflowing with wood shavings and fibres, then it's time to consider a more environmentally-friendly option. It's time to go with a steel building.

  • Green Standard

Custom-built steel sheds and regular steel sheds are positioned to meet sustainability and green standards and ratings set up by many bodies. Steel can be recycled and reused and help save energy bills.

By nature, steel materials are sustainable and 98% recyclable, making it the number one go-to material for many farmers and industrialists in New Zealand, especially those who want to go green without compromising quality and style. As more people advocate for sustainable green projects, getting a steel shed in NZ will be of great service to the environment.

If you're looking for environmentally friendly building options, steel buildings fit the description. Whether you want to get a steel farm shed or a steel shed for your industry in Auckland, Waikato, or the Bay Of Plenty region, a steel building is the way.

Reach out to Anchored Steel when you are ready to the start building your steel building

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