Anchored Steel Shed


Considering the harsh conditions of a farm, it is important to have strong and reliable sheds. Our Anchored Steel range is designed for that very purpose - Anchored Steel farm sheds are designed to withstand NZ’s climate conditions. We make sure Anchored Steel sheds won't break down in bad weather while providing consistent production with protection from the elements! 

Anchored Steel’s design and manufacturing process ensures your farm shed will be built with the greatest strength, efficiency or flexibility for you. We'll make sure it's specifically engineered to meet all of its needs at an affordable price!

Whether it is a:

  • Dairy shed

  • Equestrian stable or covered areas 

  • Composting structure 

  • Animal shed 

  • Horticulture shed

  • Or any other agricultural/farm shed

We have you anchored! 

Building sustainable, reliable, and long-lasting steel structures that people can count on.