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Steel cover

At Anchored Steel, we offer the opportunity to design and build a steel cover to your specifications. Our durable covers deliver protection against extreme rain and hail events, and the sun.


We will work closely with you to assess your needs, property size, and most importantly, build the new cover that you want. Whether it’s to protect livestock, shelter large machinery, or provide parking for customers, Anchored Steel will create a tailored solution for you.


Our team takes quality seriously. We know everything about our building materials because we manufacture them at our local factory. Our manufacturing supply chain ensures that your steel cover is constructed to the highest possible standards across every element of your build. 


A key benefit of investing in a steel cover is that it requires little maintenance, and Anchored Steel structures are designed to remove perching positions so birds won't land or nest inside. 

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Steel Cover

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Farm Sheds

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Dairy Sheds


Animal shed

Building sustainable, reliable, and long-lasting steel structures that people can count on.

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